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The Home page, is the first element of your website a visitor will see. You can edit the home page by going to Settings – Design – Home page. Here you can add text, pages that belong to a section or photo album by checking the appropriate box. Each of these three elements can be se on your Home page.

Here you can add text, images, maps, videos and even edit the HTML code. Do all this by clicking on the WYSIWYG/HTML link. This will allow you to switch between the text editor and the HTML editor.

In the page settings you can display an overview of pages from a section. A section works on the same principal as a blog. Select what section you wish to display and the amount of pages from the section you wish to display on your home page.

Photo album
Select a photo folder you wish to display or display newest photos from selected folders.

Always remember to click on the Save button if you make any changes.

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